Epson Optiones

Epson Optiones – Creative Director | Lead Artist

Epson Experiencia

Epson Experiencia – Creative Director | Lead Artist

NFL Google+ Hangout

NFL Google+ Hangout-  Flame GFX/Compositing

Epson India Endtag Design/Animation

Epson India Endtag Design/Animation // Flame

Dr. Dre Beats

Dr. Dre – Beats // Creative Direction, Design/Animation with 9k9

Selena Gomez – Naturally

Selena Gomez – Naturally // Flame Artist.  Directed by Chris Dooley

Samsung Logo Animations 2008

After Effects Design/Animation at Hi-ground.

Taking Back Sunday – Liar

Taking Back Sunday- Liar // On set supervisor / Creative Director and Lead Artist at Hi-ground

PBS line drawing test

Here’s a line drawing test I did for PBS. It’s my version of Curious George. After maybe 4 hours, I ran out of time at the end there. Cell animation is cool, wish I got to do more of it.

Western Union Logo Animations 2008

April 2008: Design/Animation/Compositing/Finishing at Hi-ground.

Samsung Logo Animations 2007

After Effects Design/Animation at Hi-ground.

Epson CES 2006

Epson CES 2006 – One artist, One week, from concept to finish, 6 minutes of design/animation/compositing. This is  the 2 mins of graphics that appeared on the screen above the booth. The rest was part of a multi-screen demo inside the booth.

xXx – Teaser graphics

xXx – // Flame Artist at Imaginary Forces